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You Call The Shot! Voting Begins

There are three finals. The finals will end on Monday , September 5, 2016 (Labor Day). Please vote for your winner:

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Vanilla and Pineapple   
Have your cake and drink it too! Mixologist notes: Sweet vanilla cream with fruity pineapple- just like drinking a pineapple upside down cake-Yum! 

Moscow Mule Kick – Ginger and Vodka with Lime
Everyone needs a good kick in the ass! Mixologist notes: Vodka with a hint of  lime coupled with a spicy ginger kick. If you like the refreshing cocktail, you will love this deliciously refreshing shot!= 

Pussy Cat - Pina Colada Cream and Watermelon
This twisted mix of pina colada and watermelon will have you purring. Mixologist notes: Tropical Watermelon with a sweet pina colada finish. Yum! 



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