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Smiley Prom – Indianapolis, IN

Twisted Shotz is spiking the punch with 99.5’s Smiley Morning Show for their annual Smiley Prom! April 9th, we’ll be dancing deep into the night with 2000 Twisted party-goers, music, drinks, food, and of course, Twisted Shotz!

Want in? If you’re in the Indianapolis area, follow us on Facebook for a chance to win tickets to the hottest party in town! www.facebook.com/TwistedShotzOfficial


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by Loretta, post on 06.04.2016

and just when i'll be there May 1st, i've been wanting to try these and they're only in stores in Kansas?!?!?! I"m in Michigan an d too bad this prom thing wasn't in beginning of May :(

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