Everything You NEED To Know About Twisted Whipz!

WHIPZ are hitting shelves and we can't wait for you to try them!

Twisted Whipz is the exciting new party starter from Twisted Shotz! After a rough year, we wanted a fun new way to kick up the color with our one million Twisted Shotz fans. So we came up with a shot that's lighter, tastier, and easier to find!
Our WHIPZ are served up in our enormously popular two-chamber shot glass: one side with a fan-favorite kick of flavor, and the other with a sweet and tasty vanilla WHIP.

Smoother, Lighter, and EVEN TASTIER

So how did we manage to make a shot that's even yummier than before? We crafted Twisted Whipz with a wine-based liqueur, which means they're smoother, lighter, and they go down easy. With 14% ABV, Whipz are the perfect little treat to throw back with a girlfriend, toast with at a backyard party, or sip on for dessert with your loved ones. With a decadent chocolate, fruity raspberry, and creamy butterscotch, there's a whip for everyone!

Easier to find than ever before!

Whipz is hitting shelves in the following 16 states, and growing:
South Carolina
West Virginia
New Hampshire
Also, you'll be able to find Whipz not only in liquor stores, but in select grocers as well! Check out our STORE LOCATOR to find Twisted Whipz near you! And if they're not in your stores, be sure to let your retailers know you're thirsty for TWISTED WHIPZ!


It's time for a choc the shot showdown

You Twisted Gals went WILD over our limited edition Choc Box and the four lip-licking flavors inside: Mint Choc, Mocha Choc, Choc Mousse, and Choc Salted Caramel. And, well, we just don’t have the heart to take chocolate away from you pretty ladies. For the month of March, we’re putting all four flavors head-to-head, and whichever shot comes out on top will be the newest flavor in our permanent lineup! Every week, we’ll feature one of our Choc Box flavors in our Facebook posts, and you can vote which you want to see on shelves!


New Twisted Whipz!

Hey Gals. We know that this past year has been a doozie. And, congrats - you made it. Pat yourself on the back and let’s have a little fun! The sun is coming out, friends are starting to get together and, let’s face it - it just feels like a good time to kick up a little color. With this in mind, we’ve whipped up something NEW you’re gonna love.

Twisted Whipz is our latest and greatest addition, with flavors that are silky-smooth and supremely light. It’s all the deliciousness you love in our shotz, but with none of the burn (a.k.a. they go down easy). Whether you’re a choco-fan or like it fruity, our three new flavors satisfy every type of taste, available in juicy Raspberry & Vanilla, smooth and sweet Chocolate & Vanilla, and decadent Butterscotch & Vanilla.

The other good news? Whipz will be much easier to find, and available in more stores than ever before! Look for our colorful four-packs starting early this summer. We can’t wait for you to get a taste! ;)

Let’s get ready to whip up some fun!


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