August Recipe Round Up: The Sunny Bunny

Is there anything better than a fruity rum cocktail to sip on while you're soaking in the hot rays of August? 

This sweet, creamy concoction is just what you need, pack it full of ice and tropical fruit for a chilled Twisted treat! Serve up a round while you and your girlfriends soak your feet in the pool, and you've got a backyard tropical vacation, without the jetlag. 


Get the Shotz you need below!


August Recipe Round Up: The Dessert Island

If you can only bring three things with you on a desert island, we would suggest ice cream, pineapple, and a box of Island Thunder Shotz.

Make your summer outings a little more desserty with this punchy pick-me-up! Toss in a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream, peel back some Island Thunder Shotz, and top with some chilled pineapple, and you've got the perfect post-BBQ treat for the grown ups! 

Grab Island Thunder below!


August Recipe Round Up: The Choco Chill

If you're a chocolate lover, a coffee lover, or just need an icy cold buzz to kick off the weekend, we've got the perfect Friday afternoon happy hour treat!

Start with a glass of crushed ice, and add your favorite iced coffee and three (or four, if it's been a rough week...) of our super smooth and creamy Choc Mousse Shotz. 

Our Salted Caramel Choc Shotz are also a great substitution for this frothy, frappy cocktail!



Grab your Shotz below: 



August Recipe Round Up: The BananaJam

Do you ever wish your banana smoothie packed a little more punch? 

We've got just the solution. 

Blend two large ripe bananas with your favorite vanilla ice cream, and a 4 pack of our smooth and creamy Sex on the Beach Shotz, and you've got yourself a sipper that will have you relaxing in no time. 

Feeling a little more indulgent? Add in some chocolate drizzle or top with whipped cream! There's no such thing as too sweet in our book. 


Grab your Sex on the Beach Shotz below: 


July Recipe Round Up: Star Spangled

Great for a holiday weekend, or any old hot day, this frosty 21+ treat will cool you down and twist you silly! 

You can sub our suggested Shotz and Whipz for any of your favorite flavors, so make any Twisted rainbow you like! Blend plenty of ice ahead of time and store in the freezer to serve it up quickly, and dish it out in a snow cone, or martini glass. You'll be the favorite stop at the next block party! 



July Recipe Round Up: The Summer Storm

A spicy and refreshing punch for a humid day, our Twisted take on a Dark and Stormy is not for the faint of heart. 

Make individually or by the pitcher and serve to the whole crew! A great pick-me-up for stormy summer days, or sweltering sunny ones. 

Pick up everything you need here: 


Our June Recipe Round Up: The Slip n' Slide

What could be a more perfect cocktail for a backyard party!?

This SUPER easy-to-make cocktail only takes two ingredients, and is a fun, punchy take on a screwdriver! Just a glass of orange juice mixed with a couple of our Sex on the Beach Shotz, and you're ready to slip into summer. 

You can also chop up some citrus fruit and serve it up sangria style, or freeze 'em ahead of time for some boozy pops! Cheers! 

Grab what you need here: 


Our June Recipe Round Up: Pride or Die

It's Pride Month! If you're celebrating like we are, we've whipped up a colorful cocktail that will keep your festivities fun and Twisted!

A couple bright Island Thunder shotz and a healthy dose of coconut rum punches up this cocktail with a fun island flavor! Easy to make by the glass, or the pitcher!

And to add a rainbow twist, stack a toothpick with a cherry, orange slice, pineapple chunk, kiwi, blueberry, and a grape, and you've got a garnish that's beautiful to see and eat!

Get your Twisted ingredients here: 


Our June Recipe Round Up: The Sandy Buns

There's nothing we love more than combining drinks and dessert, and this boozy treat ticks all our boxes. 

Scooping up this adults-only treat is simple! just a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with a couple chilled Strawberry Sundae shotz and some graham cracker crumble, and you're ready to go!

They're great for making ahead of time and storing in the freezer, or add a creative touch and serve up in martini glasses on a bed of sliced strawberries!

Grab your Strawberry Sundae Shotz here: 


Our June Recipe Round Up: Over the Rainbow

June is here, and we've got the perfect poolside sipper that will keep you quenched as you kick off summer!

All you need is some blended seedless watermelon (or watermelon juice), a few splashes of vanilla vodka, and of course, a couple of our fan-favorite Pussy Cat shotz, and you and the girls will be getting tan and twisty on the water. 

Want to make a pitcher? Two 4-packs of Pussy Cat shotz will do. And don't forget to prep a few watermelon slices for garnish. Cheers!


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